Saturday, November 27, 2010

Karaoke In An Ice Cream Parlor

Dinner at Strip this evening was delicious, as usual.  My favorite moment was when G said to the waiter, "Excuse me, excuse me, can I please have some pork chops and some salt?"  When the waiter looked confused, he said, "You know, the things you use to go like this:" and made a pinching motion with his pointer and thumb near his steamed rice.  He had meant to ask for chop sticks.

I have always wanted to try karaoke, but I never have.  In fact, last weekend, the experts (Lindsay and Danielle) helped me plan what songs I will eventually sing.  Today, after dinner, we went to Kilwin's for dessert, and - lo and behold - we found a karaoke machine right in the middle of the store!  Well, we asked if we could try it, and not only did they say yes, but they also gave us free ice cream for singing a song!  I gave mine to G, who chose lemon.

Chip declared the other day that he is "tired of candy," and that M&Ms hurt his tummy.  I think he identifies candy with his illness of last week.  Regardless, he has decided that although candy tastes great, it doesn't make him feel very good.  He asks for seconds of salad, and we are very happy.  Anyhow, at Kilwin's he ordered a chocolate-covered Nutter Butter cookie and also chocolate ice cream with M&Ms.  He took a couple of bites of his ice cream before he remembered his aversion to the M&Ms in both desserts, and he decided to finish Daddy's chocolate shake instead.  When he saw Quincy's lemon ice cream, he decided that was the way to go, so I was happy to let him try his own and move toward healthier flavors.  We don't worry too much about his dessert intake, because he normally has only a couple of bites and feels full.  Anyhow, I just wanted to share this story, because this is the sort of thing I don't want to forget later, and I think it illustrates Chip's personality pretty well.  Lately, he has been surprising and enchanting us at every turn.

All aboard!

We just took our third annual ride on the Pink Pig.

The tradition continues.

There was a lady there making balloon animals, and she made the girls these great pink pigs.

After a little snowfall, the clan gathered in front of the great tree in Atlantic Station's Central Park.

The kids had a great time together.

These trucks were there to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Hello Kitty.  We got to spin a wheel and win prizes:  bookmarks, nuts (yes, nuts), a bubble necklace, and a key chain.


We didn't realize that "Semi Charmed Life" (Third Eye Blind) was such a naughty song!

Lily had a huge audience and lots of applause for "Love Story" (Taylor Swift).