Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to a man who

  • takes his son on adventures,

  • teaches him to appreciate nature,

  • makes sure he is safe and comfortable whether he is at home or far, far away... and that he has Charkie,

  • and whom is adored by his family.

In honor of Matthew, it's Suntory time!

Here are some other dads we love and appreciate very much:

  • P's dad, aka Papa, aka the person who spent his father's day helping us grind a stump
  • M's dad, aka Granddad
  • Nick, aka Papa Nick
  • Grandpa Kranz
  • Our godfathers: Uncle Mark, Grandpa Kranz, and Jack
  • Raul, the newest father
  • Todd, who just had his second
  • Kirk, who has three!
  • our uncles: Bill, Roy, Joe, Pete, David, Paul, Chris, Jim, Wayne, Mark, Casey... did we forget someone? There are a lot.
  • Mark Brocious
  • Joel Driggs
  • and if we didn't mention you, dear reader, then YOU!