Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just One More

This is, I think, Gabriel's first time climbing a tree.

Fun In The Crabapple Tree

The kids had early release today, so it was a perfect time to play outside. 

There was a little excitement earlier, though, when a lawnmower threw a rock into a window of the bus.  They had to pull over at our bus stop, and the kids had to stay on the bus until a police officer came and told us the kids could exit.  It was silly, really, to trap the kids on a hot bus in August in Georgia when they were perfectly fine, but we do understand that the school system needs to protect themselves.  In all, we probably had to wait twenty minutes.

Tonight will be our first soccer practice of the season.  I will be co-coach with Tara, our coach last year and my friend.  Go, Team Portugal!