Friday, August 25, 2006

Birthday Week Continues!

Since Dad K's birthday fell on a Tuesday in a busy week, we celebrated today with barbeque and cake (cake from mix, frosting from Kranz family secret recipe). Gabriel helped blow out the candles.

You can't say you've ever seen a cooler birthday card than this - yes, folks, that is a velvet Elvis!

In other news, a 3 or 4 foot long rat snake came over to the front porch to say hi to us. Gabriel said that it was No Feet from the Little Bear cartoons. We talked to it for a few minutes, and then we went inside (in case it knew how to climb steps!) and No Feet went off in search of a good nest for its eggs.

G got to stay up super late for the festivities, and he still had a lot of energy to burn off before bed. Here is a video that shows only a few circuits; there were many more: