Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

This past week, the baby and I met one of my high school friends at the Georgia Aquarium.  Although the little one has been there before, this time he was a bit more engaged and really enjoyed the big fish.

On Thursday, G's school held its annual Boosterthon to raise money for school improvements and special staff.  Our big guy ran fast enough to complete 37 laps around the track, even though the fundraising cap was 35 laps.  It was held indoors this year because it was too cold to have everybody outside.  Even with the "sports" setting on the camera, he is still a blur!

Today is Easter Sunday.  We went to the Vigil mass last night, as P rang with the handbell choir, so we had time to relax, eat a nice breakfast, enjoy the morning, and watch the Michigan Wolverines earn a spot in the Final Four, which is here in Atlanta this year!  The Easter Bunny left baskets for both boys on the front porch, right where they could see them, and he also hid Easter eggs on the front porch and back deck, as it was raining all night.  We think that he did not want the eggs to be wet or for the boys to have to look around the wet yard.  Here is what the boys saw when they woke up:

and here they are with their baskets:

We went for dinner at Bun's and Papa's house, and we will post a photo from that part of our day in our next blog entry.  We hope that you had a joyous Easter, because, as we say in Ukrainian, Khrystos Voskres!