Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Our Eighth Anniversary, Eight Reasons I Love Matty

20 September 2003, Ann Arbor, Michigan - just married
14 August 2011, Tybee Island, Georgia - with 7-year-old son and another on the way
  1. He fixes the fitted sheet on my side of the bed when it comes untucked.
  2. He makes me the best coffee drinks, even though he doesn't drink coffee.
  3. He always asks if I need anything when he leaves the room.
  4. He brings me silly magazines from the grocery store as a treat.
  5. He encourages me to sit and knit when there are chores to be done, and better yet, he joins me to work on his airplane models.
  6. He never complains about anything.
  7. He always chooses me.  Not work, not our son, not his hobbies, but me.
  8. He thinks I look beautiful, no matter how messy my hair is or how flabby I feel.
  9. (like there would only be eight!)  He is really, really cute.