Monday, October 15, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good

This is going to be a very Ollie-centric post, but G hasn't sat still for long enough to get a good pic!  Also, we had the film camera at his soccer game this past weekend, so we will have to get those photos developed before we can post them.

Although I don't normally keep a milk supply on hand because I hate to pump, I had a little issue last week and needed to pump a small amount (in the middle of the night, OF COURSE).  Since Ols loves to grab my glass when I'm drinking water and drink some himself, we thought he might like to try a sippy cup.  This is part of the baby-led weaning we are doing.  More about that in a minute.  We bought this great sippy cup and let him give it a try.  He loved it.  If he is going to be exclusively eating breast milk, I am going to continue to nurse him, but it was fun to try something new.  Here is video of him with his new cup.

So, baby-led weaning isn't actually weaning from nursing, as in the American sense.  It just means introducing real food as Baby is interested, in addition to nursing.  There is a great web site here that explains it.  We aren't doing it exactly as the web site suggests, since we are holding back potential allergens and dairy until he is about one year old.  We also have some homemade organic mushy baby food on hand, just for practice with tastes and textures.  Basically, we are not concerned with when he starts eating other things and are going to let him start on real (not mushy) food whenever he is interested.  For example, to quiet him last week at Winnwood, I grabbed a chunk of canteloupe and let him chew on that.  He bit pieces from it and loved it.  It kept him entertained for quite a while!

As you can see in the photo below, he isn't exactly hurting for calories!

I made him this onesie.  I call it his "Halloween formalwear."
Last weekend, my friend Tanya came into town to visit our mutual friend Morena.  We all worked together at SciTrek over eight years ago, and this is the first time I've seen Tanya since (I saw Morena briefly a couple months ago but only that once).  We do keep in touch on Facebook, but there just isn't any substitute for the real thing.  While Morena got a little work done at the zoo, Tanya, Matt, Ollie, and I walked around inside the gates.  We even fed the giraffes, which I have wanted to do since they started offering it last year.

Me, Tanya, and Morena together again after eight years!

Tanya finally gets to meet Oliver.  He loves her.
Afterwards, Matt, O, and I went to meet our friend Stephen, another friend from SciTrek whom we haven't seen since it closed.  Again, we keep in touch on Facebook, but it was so nice to sit and have lunch and chat face to face.  We did not take any photos, as we got too excited about the food at Noodle, but it was a great time.

Friday night, we watched The Muppets outside at G's elementary school.  As with any of our school functions, it was great fun with so many good friends.  Here is my friend's daughter with her movie night disco wear (I was so upset that I left all of our glow sticks on the kitchen island!):

L is a creative girl!

It got a little chilly, but Ollie was just fine in this beautiful cardigan that my friend Jan made him.  He was a little too squirmy for me to get the top and bottom button, but he was perfectly warm and comfortable as it was.

Saturday brought the most challenging soccer game yet, but the Pumas came from behind to win.  G played offense for a bit in the second half but finished out the game in goal.  We were very proud of him that his coach trusted him in goal for such a close game.

Saturday night, we went to an adults-only dinner at Elevation to celebrate Danielle's birthday with a bunch of friends.  Sunday, we celebrated Quincy at Stars & Strikes for a bowling party.

We found a few minutes on Sunday evening to file our taxes (we had filed an extension so we could figure out a question we had) and put up the Halloween decorations, and I had found a few minutes on Sunday morning to cut out all of the pattern pieces for O's costume.  We didn't get too much done this weekend, but we had a great time!