Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breeze At The Top

Exercising the baby, Wowo and I have climbed Kennesaw Mountain and are taking a break on our favorite rocks.  There is a slight but nice breeze.  It is very hazy looking out over Atlanta in one direction and Kennesaw in the other.  We saw one beautiful red fawn on the way up, and the birds are chirping.  There is an insect that looks like a bee taking multiple orders of take-out to his hole in the sandy ground between the rocks, and some small creature is nestling in the tall grass behind us.  This is a nice way to spend the early evening.

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Michela said...

Yes, you are a happy little family
and one of these days you'll be not so little..hee hee ...Great reporting on your walk- the next best thing to being there! It was so nice to have some relief from the humidity today. Well, I'm going back to do some more studying.
Thinking of you,