Friday, May 20, 2005

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

How d'ya like them apples?

It was a rainy day today in Atlanta. We spent the early afternoon working on bread, but then we went out to Your Dekalb Farmers Market and Whole Foods to get Gabriel food. At the farmers’ market, we got fruit and sweet potatoes for the Chipster and Thai chilis, Thai rice, and nuts and grains for bread for us. At Whole Foods, we got meat for Chip and a few things for ourselves, including a bottle of Chard-No-Way as a special treat, since it was on sale.

We drove around the city of Decatur to look at houses for sale, just to see what the prices were like. We found East Lake, an area that is being gentrified. It was an interesting mix of lower-income folks and lots of young families renovating big old houses. It looked like it could be a good place for a family and a place where the home values will probably skyrocket in the next few years, even though they’re pretty high right now. We’re thinking that we might rather go for a bigger house on a bigger piece of land a little removed from the city, but we’re going to consider all of our options.

Speaking of our home, it looks like our closing will be on the 13th of June. That means that we’ll be going back there somewhere around the 8th, in less than 3 weeks, to pack up. We’ll stay through the 19th, because Laura is having her graduation, and Katie and Billy are celebrating theirs.

G's cheeseburger

Not thrilled about the burger

Nice buns

For dinner, we had burgers and corn on the cob. Even Gabriel had a cheeseburger and corn. Well, we broke it into tiny pieces, but he would only eat one little taste and refused the rest. He wouldn’t even eat the corn after we snuck a piece of meat into it, and he normally eats it right up. Finally, we fed him a banana and a jar of veggies and pasta. We were so excited to try to feed him normal food, but it looks like it will be a little while before he is ready to eat anything new. We thought our dinner was good, anyway. We had homemade poppyseed buns on the burgers, and they were fantastic.

The offer we did for the free PSP deal was to join BMG – you know, buy 3 CDs and get 500 free. We chose it because we will only have to buy 1 CD and pay for shipping and handling on 11 otherwise free ones. Anyway, we got our first 7 free ones today. We got Johnny Cash, Live at Folsom Prison; Barenaked Ladies, Everything to Everyone; Ibrahim Ferrer, Buena Vista Social Club Presents; Franz Ferdinand, self-titled; Garden State soundtrack; Thelonius Monk, Mysterioso; and Miles Davis, Milestones (how clever is that?!). We realized that we already have Milestones, so we’re going to try to return it and get something else. We listened to all of them except Miles, and they are all great. The Cash CD is just one of the best things we have EVER heard. Everyone should have this recording. Even the liner notes are great.

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