Thursday, June 2, 2005

Celebration and Chip's Birthday Plans

We celebrated our contract on our new house by going out to our favorite restaurant, Baraonda for drinks and margherita pizzas. Matt had a white chocolate martini, and Patty had a Peroni in the bottle. It was fantastico! Gabriel ate his dinner, too, while we were there, and fell into a food coma shortly thereafter. Even in his sleep, he charmed the man sitting next to him.

We figured out what we're going to do for Chipdip's birthday party. We're going to have it on Sunday, 24 July. It's only two days after we start to move in, but since we're going to have movers do the big stuff, all we'll really have to do for the party is unpack the kitchen and decorate. We aren't sure about the theme, but we think it might be either trains (because he loves trains) or cowboys (because he's a country boy now!). We hope to buy a grill by then so we can grill hamburgers and hotdogs, and we'll have little snack bowls for the babies filled with veggie puffs. We'll put balloons on the mailbox and set up the kiddie pool in the back yard. Of course, the Angle Bar will be open for business, but then it never really closes. Besides the cake for Gabriel and the cake for everyone else and some favors for the guests which will remain secret for the time being, that's about it. We'll probably set the time for about 4:00 pm so that it won't interfere with naptimes for his friends and so we have more time to unpack and decorate that day. Mark your calendars!

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