Saturday, October 8, 2005

Welcome Home, Jack!

Here's our first view of Jack. He's the one smiling behind the guy who looks confused. He came back with about 4 inches of height and 35 pounds of muscle.

Here's a great sign that Jaq's friends John and Brittany made.

This is one of the signs we made. We hung it right on the 2nd LAR sign at their headquarters.

We were especially proud of our representation of the 2nd LAR patch.

Gabriel loved the water and wanted to walk right into the ocean. This was taken at Onslow Beach, the beach on base where we stayed.

Here's Jack next to the other sign we made him. This one was on a fence outside the base, and they drove past it on their way in, but he didn't see it because it was too dark (they'd been delayed a few hours due to bad weather).

We all went to Shogun for dinner on our last night there. We had teppanyaki and sushi, and Gabriel was fascinated by our chef. He even used his fork to flip his rice when the chef used his spatula to flip some shrimp tails!

Chip loved the koi at the entrance and petted them when they came to say hello.

Here we all are after dinner.

This shows how frustrating mealtime can be - sometimes the food ends up everywhere but between his teeth. Look how frustrated Daddy looks!

And then sometimes, mealtimes are very nice, especially when he falls asleep in our arms...

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