Friday, November 18, 2005


It's getting cold here in north Georgia. Yesterday was the coldest day yet, and that's the day Patty decided to take Gabriel to the top of a windy mountain. That's outside, folks. It turned out that poor Chip was underdressed, because it was colder on that side of the city than on our back deck, and we'd inexplicably put his warm vest in the coat closet where it belongs. There will be no Mother of the Year awards delivered to our front door.

Patty and Gabriel arranged a hiking date with one of the moms from the Dallas Mom's Club, Wendy, and her son Ty. They met up at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and attempted to summit the mountain with the children on their backs. It was supposed to happen first thing in the morning, but even though both adults are Yankees, neither wanted to go out in the cold, and it was postponed until later in the afternoon.

The trip up the mountain was pretty strenuous thanks mostly to the steepness of the trail. No, wait! It was the pack, Patty didn't have the pack adjusted correctly! Okay, so that's true - the pack wasn't adjusted very well, but the fact that Patty couldn't make it all the way up with Gabriel in the carrier was mostly due to the fact that none of us have been doing any physical labor these days. Chip did a good bit of hiking on his own but in the end he made the last part of the trip in Patty's arms because his hiking speed was less than... measurable.

Gabriel and Ty ran around a bit up at the top and then they all headed down. It was just too cold to be dilly-dallying around. After saying goodbye to his friend Ty, Gabriel and Patty went to pick up Matt from work.

Yesterday was also Moms' Night Out, sponsored by the Mom's Club. Patty headed out to Los Palmas to meet up for some child-free time with the other moms. Chip and Matt decided to have a Boy's Night In at home and had a lot of fun playing with Chip's toys after he finished taking a late-day nap. Patty had a really great time watching the suckers at the restaurant do some serious karaoke. She missed us and couldn't wait to get home. Since Moe's was closed, Patty stopped off at Starbucks to bring Matt a treat, which was really, really good. A good night was had by all.


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