Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day Of Third Grade

School has begun!  We were excited because G got a great teacher, and he was excited because he wasn't allowed to wear his new shoes until the first day of school.  Here are some photos of the big day:

Looking cool for the first day

The parade up the driveway - and a backpack with great reflectivity!

Check out those sweet kicks.

The goodbyes

G and his new bus driver, Ms. Suzy

G and his new teacher

We have the tradition of going out to breakfast on the first day of school at Douceur de France.  We both had omelettes, and as usual, breakfast was delicious.

After a terrific First Day breakfast

G had a great day at school.  He was recognized twice for good behavior, and he didn't have any homework.  Today he said that his table is in the lead with points for good behavior.  We hope this is an indication of the year ahead, because we are looking forward to a wonderful year in third grade!

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