Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Party Boy

Our wonderful friends at the Winnwood Community threw Oliver a birthday party, and we had so much fun.  When we walked in, they all sang "Happy Birthday," and they had a table in the front of the room with cupcakes, balloons, and a gift.  Ollie really loves his new baby-sized froggie Pillow Pet, and he loved playing with the balloons!

On 24 February 2013, the Sunday after his birthday, we threw a party for Ollie at our house.  Our close family and friends enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon together.  We had a chili bar with things like hot dogs, french fries, baked potatoes, and Fritos to top with either meat or vegetarian chili.  For "birthday cake," we made cupcakes for our guests and a giant cupcake for Ollie.  There were musical instruments, like kazoos, there for the kids to play with and take home, since the birthday boy loves music so much.  The kids, however, mostly played outside, since it was such a beautiful day.

Mommy finished some cute knitted pants for the one-year-old just in time for his party, and he looked so cute in them.  Later in the evening, he opened all of his other presents, with the help of his big bro, and we all took turns reading him his cards.  We thought that the relaxed "old fashioned" party at home, with homemade food and dessert, was just the perfect thing for this birthday boy.

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